kids nightlight

Best nightlight for toddlers

It's not uncommon for children to grow afraid of the dark as they get older. When their brains start to change, they begin to develop an imagination. Nightmares can begin as early as 2 years of age and when nightly fears develop, adding a childrens light could provide some comfort to your child. 

We detail our best-rated nightlights for toddlers so you can all get through the night.

Little Belle nightlights are the perfect first nightlight for your little one. Not only are they a beautiful addition to their room and a treasured keepsake, but their magically themed designs help little ones dream up unicorn and fairy folk to come and give good dreams. 

The dimmer function means that the light can be adjusted to a glow that is suitable for your child and the multi colours means you can chose which colour you prefer, including the red light option. Lights are USB operated which means that they can be charged and placed anywhere in the room.
Unicorn nightlight
Our little belle kids unicorn light is perfect for all the little unicorn lovers our there. Unicorns are associated with beauty and magic. What better way to reassure your little one at night with a magical unicorn with a special golden horn.
Calling upon fairies as children go to sleep at night is a psychologist endorsed method to help them relax into a good night of sleep. Children can talk about their worries as you settle them into bed at night and you can ask a fairy to come and watch over them while they sleep.
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