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Little Belle

Fairy House Carry Nightlight Mini - Pink|Gold 30% OFF

Fairy House Carry Nightlight Mini - Pink|Gold 30% OFF

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Fairy House Carry Lantern Mini with remote control - Pink & Gold

Switch on the night light and weave some folklore into your bedtime routine.

Let the reassuring glow of our Little Belle Fairy House Carry Lantern comfort your little one to sleep or if they wake in the night.

Size | H17cm, W13.5cm.
Material | PVC
Contents | Nightlight, Remote Control, USB cord, instruction manual.



    USB RECHARGABLE | USB rechargable battery included that will last about 12 hours of continuous use, or leave it plugged in for constant power.

    REMOTE CONTROL | Remote control operation that kids love. Choose colors, dim or brighten the light, set a timer, or let the nightlight slowly run through all of its colours with its slow-flow setting.

    TIMER | The timer has three options for auto-shutoff: 15,30, or 60 minutes.

    BASE BUTTON | A power button located one the base of the nightlight also allows the choice between either dim-warm white, bright- warm white, colour changing and colour selection.


    INDEPENDENTLY SAFETY TESTED | Our nightlights are made with our littlest customers in mind! CE and UKCA marked and tested to conform to Australian, New Zealand, UK, & EU safety standards

    BULBS DO NOT GET HOT | Our bulbs use low wattage LED that do not heat so are always safe to touch.

    BLUE LIGHT FREE | Tested for photobiological risk, our lights are exempt from Blue light, UV, and infrared radiation so do not upset important sleep patterns.


    DESTINATIONS | We ship to Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada & Europe.

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    TAXES/DUTY | Customers in the UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand do not have customs charges - orders are sent within these countries.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Charlotte S.
    Absolutely gorgeous

    A beautiful little lantern - just as described. Great that it didn’t require batteries and could be used straight from the box. My 3.5 year old loves it and took it to bed with him on Christmas night - zzzzzzzz after a busy day

    Lovely Little Lantern

    We got a carry lantern for our 2.5 year old for Christmas. It has been so great! The design has been well thought out. It's well made, sturdy, rechargeable and the light lasts all night. Being portable means our daughter can take it with her when we travel or when she stays with family. I'm sure it will also be handy when she starts using the toilet in the night. It's everything that we wanted in a night light. Thank you!

    Love it

    As a Sleep consultant with I recognise the importance of night light that offers the right light and colour to promote good sleep
    . Its creative and offers reassurance to little ones if they start developing a fear of the dark. This is a lovely addition without compromising on sleep quality through use of red light which doesn't inhibit melatonin production.


    Had the fairy house nightlight for several months now. My 2 year old daughter absolutely loves if and sleeps with it on every night. We like the colour change option.

    Emma F.
    Fabulous light

    Great light my daughter absolutely loves hers and holds onto it each night till she falls asleep, she was instantly attached to it it’s great you can change the colour of the lights too

    Denise H.
    Little belle nightlight joy

    Very sweet little light and giving much joy

    Great night light and robust

    We bought the little Belle mushroom light for our Grandaughter for her birthday in January. Sylvie turned 2 years old. The light is brilliant and is quite robust as she puts it in her bag when coming to stay. Really pleased with it.

    Love 🍄

    This is the sweetest, most beautiful nightlight ever! It has the most perfect glow and my daughter loves the idea that fairies visit. I’ll definitely be purchasing another one for my niece in a few weeks time as well 💝

    Stephanie M.
    Fairy Carry Lantern

    The Fairy Carry Lantern has been amazing. My 4 year old daughter had slept in her own room for the past 5 nights. She loves to choose a colour each night before bed ❤💛🩷💚💙🧡 It lasts the whole night without it turning off , which is fantastic, as there are no dark wake ups. Thank you, Laura, for creating such a beautiful lantern 😊

    Perfect for supporting my daughter's sleep transition to a big bed!

    My friend recommended these nightlights and i'm so glad she did! I recently moved my daughter to from her crib to her big bed and the light was perfect with helping the transition. We followed what Laura suggests about inviting fairies to help sleep and my girl was mesmerised by her fairy lantern and that fairies visit in the night to watch her and give good dreams. It was also reassuring for her that she could pick it up and carry it in the night to come and see us if she was scared. It's honestly perfect - thank you