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Little Belle

Dragon Egg Carry Nightlight 30% OFF

Dragon Egg Carry Nightlight 30% OFF

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Dragon Egg Carry Nightlight with remote control - White & Gold.

Switch on the night light and weave some folklore into your bedtime routine.

Let the reassuring glow of our Little Belle Dragon Egg Carry Nightlight comfort your little one to sleep. or if they wake in the night.

Size | H23cm, W17cm
Material | PVC
Contents | Nightlight, Remote Control, USB cord, instruction manual.



    USB RECHARGABLE | USB rechargable battery included that will last about 12 hours of continuous use, or leave it plugged in for constant power.

    REMOTE CONTROL | Remote control operation that kids love. Choose colors, dim or brighten the light, set a timer, or let the nightlight slowly run through all of its colours with its slow-flow setting.

    TIMER | The timer has three options for auto-shutoff: 15,30, or 60 minutes.

    BASE BUTTON | A power button located one the base of the nightlight also allows the choice between either dim-warm white, bright- warm white, colour changing and colour selection.


    INDEPENDENTLY SAFETY TESTED | Our nightlights are made with our littlest customers in mind! CE and UKCA marked and tested to conform to Australian, New Zealand, UK, & EU safety standards

    BULBS DO NOT GET HOT | Our bulbs use low wattage LED that do not heat so are always safe to touch.

    BLUE LIGHT FREE | Tested for photobiological risk, our lights are exempt from Blue light, UV, and infrared radiation so do not upset important sleep patterns.


    DESTINATIONS | We ship to Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada & Europe.

    COSTS | Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

    TAXES/DUTY | Customers in the UK, USA, Australia & New Zealand do not have customs charges - orders are sent within these countries.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Elaine F.
    Beautiful Night-Light

    We absolutely love our Night-Light, I love that I can have the light dull or bright and it's the perfect addition to Clay's room.

    Kayla M.
    A little boy’s dream

    My 4 year old son LOVES his dragon egg night light! Especially the remote. And great for the whole house as he no longer demands to have the light on ALL night. I love how it plugs in to charge and don’t need to replace batteries all the time. And is a little bit of magic being a dragon egg, love it 🥰

    Ruby E.
    We LOVE our dragon egg!!

    Our dragon egg nightlight has been so popular with my 3 boys, they absolutely love it! Especially with one who’s a bit afraid of the dark he loves getting to choose what colour to use and feels nice and safe in his room with it in and the main light turned out, I think he gets comfort from it because ‘the dragons will scare away any monsters’ 🤣 best light on the market and so beautiful!!!

    Katie B.
    Our Dragon egg nightlight - Just simply wonderful

    There’s not enough words to describe our thrilled I am with this enchanting addition to my baby boys nursery. The design and detail is beyond perfect, I love all the functions available it makes it so universal. This light will be treasured for years to come as my little boy grows. We adore it for our daytime reads together or for a cosy ambience at nighttime. I highly recommend this beautiful piece

    Izzie A.
    Beautiful night light

    We gave my little boy the dragon egg in exchange for going a whole week without his soother. He has carried it with him everywhere since! (It even came to a festive light trail) I would recommend this nightlight. Its well made and charges through a usb. So magical and we love it and most importantly my little one loves it.

    Ally T.
    Magical & a greater effect than I could have imagined

    My son has always loves red light for sleeping at night but I was sceptical whether the fun and magic of the egg might deter from the idea to settle down to sleep… I was so wrong! He settles down instantly and adores his egg. He loves turning on with the remote himself and uses the other colours when he’s playing. Don’t know what we did without it ♥️

    Berta A.

    I couldn’t recommend enough the little belle lamp! My toddler loves it so much, it’s so nice and relaxing. Also, a super plus, it helps to keep learning the colours!