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Help your toddler sleep all night with the sleep fairy

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your toddler routinely pops out of bed multiple times at bedtime.
  • Your toddler resists bedtime in a big way, often taking ages to fall asleep.
  • Your toddler wakes frequently at night, crying for you.
  • Your toddler seems afraid to sleep in her own bed.

Calling upon fairies as children go to sleep at night is a psychologist endorsed method to help them relax into a good night of sleep. Children can talk about their worries as you settle them into bed at night and you can ask a fairy to come and watch over them while they sleep.

The Sleep Fairy is a a magical fairy who rewards kids for sleeping in their beds all night.

Like the tooth fairy, the sleep fairy rewards children in the morning for staying in bed and falling asleep on their own.

Please your little belle fairy house next to the bedside as you tuck your child into bed. Make a magic call out to the fairies to come and give them good dreams and watch over them during the night. Let them know if they sleep all night that the sleep fairy might visit and leave a reward for them. 

The beauty of the sleep fairy is that it takes the parent out of the picture. In the morning, when your child says, “Look what the sleep fairy brought me,” you reply, “Oh, look how well you slept.”

Younger kids need frequent rewards; older kids can wait longer for their reward.

This may not work instantly, but it's a great method for the imaginative child and a lovely way to bring a bit of magic to your bedtime routine. 

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