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Luxury Childrens Nightlights

  • Soothe Your Child To Sleep With A Little Belle Nightlight

    Bring A Touch Of Magic To Your Childs Bedtime Routine

Little Belle Nightlight to inspire good sleep

Nightlights endorsed by sleep specialists, and uniquely designed to help children sleep, and reassure them if they wake in the night.


Handmade Ceramic

Our handmade porcelain nightlights are crafted over 30-days. Kiln fired and hand painted. Paired with modern multi-function LED lighting to add luxury and function to the bedroom.



Portable PVC Nightlights

Little Belle Portable Nightlights add a magical touch to late night trips down the hall or to the potty, or for little ones afraid of the dark. Our portable nightlight can light the way and modern LED lighting ensures it stays cool all night.

  • Delighted with this product

    We have used the night light every night since bringing our daughter home 7 weeks ago. It is brilliant for feeding and changing through the night and for keeping an eye on little one through the night too. Couldn’t recommend more.

  • Fabulous light

    Great light my daughter absolutely loves hers and holds onto it each night till she falls asleep, she was instantly attached to it it’s great you can change the colour of the lights too

  • It’s so beautiful!

    We love our little belle light, makes the cutest addition to a little girls room. My daughter is also obsessed with changing the colours from her bed. Definitely recommend for a night light

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