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You can feel at ease when you buy a Little Belle nightlight, our lamps are certified to Australian, New Zealand, UK and Canadian safety standards.  We only use LED bulbs which have been specifically designed for our lamps and tested to very high standards. 

✔ Safe low voltage power adapters
✔ LED bulbs never get hot
✔ No unsafe blue light exposure
✔ No unsafe UV light exposure
✔ No unsafe IR radiation exposure


Not all LED bulbs are the same!

Some LED bulbs can produce unsafe levels of blue light, UV, and Infrared light, not Little Belle LEDs! Little Belle use a custom made LED bulb which are tested thoroughly for: 

  • Actinic UV
  • Blue Light exposure
  • Retinal thermal exposure
  • IR radiation
  • Near UV

    Results are categorised into three groups - exempt, low risk & moderate risk.

    We are very proud to say that our LED bulbs fall into the exempt group for every category tested ensuring little ones are safe when they sleep!


      Quality Control 
      We have our quality control process in place to check every product before we add it to our range. We check the product meets all safety standards, CE certification and low voltage.

      At Little Belle we also test every light before posting and offer a 24 month electrical warranty.