The Little Belle touch ...

Through using generations of craftsmanship, Little Belle creates quality porcelain lighting that helps solve the sleep troubles of children all over the world.

Little Belle lights are more than just a nightlight, they are a sleep companion that takes little ones through a magical nighttime journey. The soft and calming gentle glow is perfect for settling children into a restful night of sleep and reassures them when they wake in the night. The magical designs transition children from being fearful of the dark to instead looking forward to the magic that night hours can bring.

Made by hand

Handmade with love to be loved. We are proud to continue a tradition of quality children keepsake lighting and work with a small team of skilled makers in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Each porcelain lamp is made over a 30 day process. They are intricately carved and fettled, hand painted with three coats of paint and individually decaled.


Our lights are made with our littlest customers in mind. Our New Zealand and USA safety teams make sure that our lights are safe for children's rooms under the New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK and EU safety standards. Our custom LED bulbs do not heat , the plastic rings are fire retardant, and our lights operate on a low voltage power supply.

Earth friendly

The ceramic material used to make our products is sourced from the earth to return to the earth, no nasty plastics here. Our LED bulbs are created to last a lifetime. We care deeply about our planet and do not believe in creating throw away products, we focus instead on timeless creations that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Timeless creations

We create unique, one of a kind designs. Designed in New Zealand, Laura's patented nightlights are like no others on the market.

Fair trade

Working with a small skilled team of artisans is at the heart of how we work to create products that are made with love. Our premises are independently checked to be fair trade compliant and we are proud to

New Zealand design

Little Belle was founded by New Zealand designer Laura Burbery while telling her three year year old daughter stories about a sleep fairy. What started as a single fairy house design in 2014 to a small group of customers has now grown to an international brand and range of designer children’s lighting. Laura’s designs have been setting trends in children’s interiors all over the world ever since.