About Us

Hi, I'm Laura

My Little Belle journey started in 2014 when I found myself still struggling to find effective sleep solutions to help my daughter Eliza sleep.

I always loved the magical realm of fairy folk as a child and I started to see a difference in Eliza’s sleep when we talked of the sleep fairy – a paediatric sleep specialist endorsed method to help children sleep.

To help keep this magic alive I wanted a magic fairy house in her room that would also light up and help her to sleep, or reassure her if she woke in the night. With the struggle getting harder with every lost night of sleep, I decided to create my own design of nightlight.

Our new Little Belle nightlight was invaluable, I wanted to share this success with other parents and I am now so delighted to hear that Little Belle nightlights are helping many other little ones, like Eliza, to sleep better x

We create beautifully crafted keepsakes to help little ones sleep.

A promise of quality. 

Each little belle is individually handcrafted from porcelain giving each product its bespoke uniquiness.

Quality is of the utmost importance, with porcelain achieving a high level of attention to detail. Our Little Belles are a beautiful quality keepsake to last the test of time.

A promise of helping children to sleep.

A beautiful, magical and whimsical piece of décor that is proven successful in helping children sleep.

A promise of eco-conscious living. 

We use long lasting and sustainable materials. All our products are made in small batches and not mass produced.

A promise of safe and modern lighting technology. 

We use new generation light fittings that ensure safety for children.