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Handmade Ceramic

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Our hand-made porcelain nightlights are crafted over 30+ days

Our hand-made porcelain nightlights are crafted over 30+ days

The handmade process

Skilled artisans meticulously mould and shape the clay, paying careful attention to detail and ensuring the nightlight's overall design.

Once shaped, the nightlight is left to dry slowly and naturally. This stage is essential to remove moisture from the clay and make it ready for firing. Care must be taken to prevent cracking or warping during the drying process.

After drying, the nightlight goes through the bisque firing process. It is placed in a kiln and fired at a relatively low temperature, typically around 900 to 1000 degrees Celsius. This firing strengthens the nightlight and prepares it for the next stages.

Once the bisque-fired nightlight has cooled, glazes are applied. Glazes are liquid coatings made of minerals and other materials that, when fired again, create a glossy or decorative finish. Artisans carefully apply glazes to achieve the desired colors and effects.

The nightlight with the glaze applied is placed back in the kiln for a second firing. The temperature and duration of this firing depend on the specific glaze and the desired final appearance. The heat transforms the glazes into a durable and lustrous finish.

Decals are silk screen printed onto waterslide decals. They are then carefully positioned on the nightlights by hand with any air or water removed to prevent blowouts during firing.

The third and final firing fuses the decals to the glaze. Kilns are fired over 5-6 hours and the heat melts the glaze and fuses the gold foil, resulting in a permanent finish.

Soothe the transition to sleep with a portable carry nightlight

Soothe the transition to sleep with a portable carry nightlight

Portable carry nightlight

All Little Belle night lights have an internal rechargeable battery that can stay on all night (15+ hours), or leave it plugged in for constant power.

Little Belle nightlights come with remotes that have dimmer, timer and mutli-colour options; red, yellow, purple, green, teal, orange, blue, pink & white.

Our nightlights are made with our littlest customers in mind.

Our bulbs are custom made and use low wattage LED bulbs that do not heat so are always safe to touch.

Our nightlights are safety tested for photobiological risk and are exempt from Blue light, UV, and infrared radiation so do not upset important sleep patterns.

The material used in our bulbs and fittings are also fire retardant.

Little Belle nightlights are independently safety tested to conform to Australian, New Zealand, UK, & EU safety standards.

CE, RCA & UKCA approved.

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