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Unicorn Nursery Nightlight

Little Belle

Welcome to the wonderful world of Little Belle, where fairy light and fantasy fill the evening hours and children slide into slumber without a worry or a care.

Nightlights and Money boxes - Designed in New Zealand, artisan crafted in small batch runs.

Our difference...


The hand-crafted nature allows each to have their own bespoke characteristics.

Sustainable sourcing

Main from porcelain, our nightlights and moneyboxes and sustainably sourced from the earth.

Safety Certified

Our nightlights are safety certified for childrens bedrooms.


Beautifully crafted keepsakes, artisan crafted in small batch runs.

Childrens Unicorn Nightlight

Little Belle Nightlights

Beautiful hand-crafted nightlights, designed to help children sleep or reassure them if they wake in the night.

Real stories...