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How to throw a magical fairy birthday party

We do believe in fairies! And we can’t think of anything more magical than a beautiful fairy party in the woods.

Find a magical woodland setting

The first step of planning a fairy-themed party is to find the perfect setting! It makes a wonderful outdoor party theme so if you’re throwing your fairy party in the spring or summer, we’d recommend looking for a beautiful outdoor location. How about a local woodland, park or even your back garden? The leafier, the better!

Add a touch of enchantment

Create an atmosphere of magic by hanging lanterns from trees, lace and ribbons dangling from branches, butterfly bunting and stepping stones that could be chalked in pretty colours.  You can make the table setting extra special by adding a fairy house nightlight and sourcing vintage teacups from your thrift store. 

Create some arrival magic

Have fairy wings ready to wear at the party as the little guests arrive. Also, tie a small piece of ribbon to their wrists with a little belle attached (to use in the next part). This can usually be purchased from  your local craft shop such as spotlight stores.

Fairy food

Bring together a range of fairy food to keep with the fairy theme such as fairy shaped biscuits, toadstool cupcakes, fairy bread, fairy wands, butterfly-shaped sandwiches.

Fairy fun

There is so much magical fun you can have at a fairy party. You can invite a fairy entertainer and the children can welcome the fairy by shaking the bell on their wrist (fairies love the noise of bells!).

You could set up a craft table with sparkly bits and bobs to make magical wands, paint fairy house, play musical toadstools or fairy tag (all the fairies ‘fly’ around and whoever’s IT must tag the others with their wand).

Fairy cake

No fairy party is complete without a magical cake!  Some ideas are to search pinterest for ideas of a toadstool fairy house cake and take it to a local cake artist or you can buy a simple single layer cake and decorate with buttercream and sprinkles.


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