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Does my baby need a nightlight?

It’s one of those questions that so many new and expectant parents Google to find out the answer: Does my baby need a night light?

To help your newborn sleep and learn to differentiate between night and day, it’s best to keep the room as dark as possible at night time. But remember, those early days with your baby will be full of night wake-ups and feeds around the clock, and the right night light will prove invaluable. 

When will my baby need a night light?

As your baby grows, a night light will play a role in their bedtime routine, and a soft glow at nighttime will help them settle, as well as be providing reassurance when they wake up during the night.

Night lights can help with separation anxiety; seeing familiar surroundings as opposed to the dark will be a huge comfort to your child. Once your baby transitions to their own room at six months, a night light will allow you to discreetly check up on your baby without needing to turn on the main lights.

For older children, a night light will give them guidance and the freedom to use the bathroom without having to wake you.

A little belle nightlight is perfect for babies and children of all ages. It can grow with your child, as it has settings to suit every eventuality.

Our range of nursery nightlights emit a sleep-friendly soft glow with low blue light levels and the option of a red light setting, which work to promote a restful sleep for your child.

The perfect night light for newborns

Little Belle nightlights have the choice of different soft, baby-safe brightness glows to feed, comfort and change baby through the night, wherever you are in your home. 

You can be assured that sending your baby to sleep with the red light setting of a little belle elfin light or unicorn nightlight will not interfere with your babies sleep. Using a red light has a much higher wavelength than white/blue/green light, which research shows does not inhibit melatonin. 

The best nightlight for children

As your baby grows, and you have the perfect night-time companion for older children. The whimsically themed lights have a soothing bedside light that help promote sleep through encouraging calling upon fairies and unicorns to give good dreams. The comforting light also perfect for helping your little one’s late-night bathroom trips. 

The soft glow and low blue light levels help to promote sleep and reduce light stimulation helping your child have a more restful night’s sleep.

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